How to export single page in InDesign

How to flip an object in Adobe Photoshop

Need to export a single page, or selection of pages, from a larger InDesign Document?’ You have the option of choosing which pages/spreads will be exported. By default, all of them are included. However, if you know where to look, exporting a single page from WordPress is just as easy. Here’s how to do it: … Read more

How to duplicate the page in InDesign

How to duplicate the page in InDesign

Working on an InDesign project and need to duplicate a page? You’ll be amazed at how many projects you create in InDesign require more than one page side-by-side. Creating and saving pages as you need them is a common part of the design workflow, so learning how to do it efficiently is a skill you … Read more

How to add new page in InDesign

How to add a new page in InDesign

Is there a need to create a new InDesign page? InDesign is a great tool for creating print layouts for books, flyers, brochures, and other documents. The ability to quickly create an unlimited number of page layouts based on multiple templates for every document size makes Adobe InDesign the perfect place to bring your raster … Read more

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