How to convert text into shape in Photoshop

How to convert text into shape in Photoshop

Is there a need to convert text to an editable shape in Photoshop?

Converting your text into an editable shape in Photoshop will allow you to easily customize your text, combine it with other shapes, or even use it as an image mask.

This is an awesome idea if you want to hand off

a font file to a print shop. They won’t need the original fonts and they’ll save a ton of time

Fortunately, it’s super easy to do.

Here’s how to do it:
  1. Open your Adobe Photoshop project file
  2. Type your text in the desired font
  3. Select the text you want to be converted
  4. From the top menu, click Type > Convert to Shape.

Why do we need to convert text to shapes?

One of the most common reasons why we create images or videos is for logo and branding purposes.

Once you have the text, spacing, font, and word choice done, you can convert the text into a shape to then insert the shape into any number of projects without needing to redo those customizations.

How to convert text into a shape in Photoshop

By converting text into a shape, we can edit it in new ways.

This shows how you can create custom text shapes in Microsoft Word.

You can use Quick Select with the Brush Tool to make adjustments without using the Brush Tool.

How to convert text to shapes:

Unfortunately, there are no key shortcuts to converting text into shapes.

It’s an easy process you can do in no time.

If you are creating text that you plan to use frequently, or even just more than once, it may be useful to save the custom shape as a preset so that you can

How to save as a custom shape preset:

If you plan to create text that you want to use frequently or just more than once, you may want to save the text as a preset so you can get right to it.

How to convert text into a shape in Photoshop

Here is how you can save your shape as a custom preset:

  1. Once you have finalized your shape,
  2. select the shape by clicking the shape layer,
  3. In the top menu, click Edit then click Define Custom Shape as shown above
  4. Name your shape preset and then click OK.

How to convert text into a shape in Photoshop

Quick and useful tip: If you are planning on saving a large number of preset original shapes, be sure to name them properly so you are able to keep track of what you saved.

How to use the custom shape tool:

Once you have saved your custom shape as a preset, you will learn how to use it. Custom Shapes are saved within the Photoshop application.

Using this method you will be able to save a custom shape to any new project, even if you didn’t save the original project where you made the shape.

To find your saved shape, you need to select the Custom Shape Tool (U).

How to convert text into a shape in Photoshop

when you select the Custom Shape Tool, then you will see a Shape Box appear in the top panel, from here you can select your Custom Shape.

How to convert text into a shape in Photoshop

In addition to any saved custom shapes, there are also preset shapes from Adobe already included.

You’ll see many shapes and sizes, and they range from basic circle shapes to more complex geometric designs.

If you are seeing your custom shapes empty slots, it’s time to buy more!

If you don’t delete the preset you saved, it might interfere with the next shape you’re about to use, so you should always.

Here is how to delete a saved preset shape:

  • Select the Custom Shape Tool (U) from the shape tool option
  • In the shape selecting box, Right Click the shape you wish to remove
  • From the pop-up box, select Delete Shape
Custom shape preset color adjustment:

When creating a shape from a saved preset, it often fills in black, or whatever color you’ve selected.

Fortunately, it is very easy to adjust the color of any preset shape.

How to convert text into a shape in Photoshop

How to adjust the color of a preset shape:

  • In the Properties panel, under Appearance, you will see a Fill and Stroke option.
  • Fill will change the color of the space within the shape.
  • The stroke will change the color of the borderlines of the shape.
Custom shape prest size adjustment:

Now that you’ve selected the preset style, the color you chose, and are ready to resize and move it, it’s time to resize and move as you please.

Moving a preset shape is the same as moving any other shape in Photoshop.

  • Choose the shape you want to change in the Layers panel,
  • then select Free Transform (Command + T)
    Move the shape using white border boxes until you find the best position/size for the shape.

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