How to Change an Artboard’s Size in Illustrator

How to Change an Artboard’s Size in Adobe Illustrator

Need to change the size of an artboard in Illustrator?

Once you learn how to properly resize an artboard, Illustrator will become a much more useful tool in your design workflow.

The issue here is that most people make the mistake of approaching Adobe Illustrator from the same directions and assumptions as approaching Adobe Photoshop.

Although they are similar in some ways, the little nuances of each program make them so vastly different.

I recommend using Photoshop to Illustrator if you’re an illustrator that wants to try his or her hand at creating graphic elements. This combination is best for beginning illustrators and can be used as a tutorial.

Both these programs require different approaches, and so they call for distinct perspectives.

When you change an artboard’s size, you make it easier to position objects over each other within a document.

If the requirements change during your project, if the project needs to fit a different size graphic, or if you have multiple artboards in a single project and need to individually customize the size of each, then you’ll need to learn how to set the

You can use the Illustrator tools to design anything you want!

Creating an Artboard in Illustrator:

When you create an artboard in Adobe Illustrator it’s called an “artboard”.

It’s like a layer in Photoshop or a page in InDesign.

The Space is a beautiful and creative space for your home office or hobby.

When you want to create a new document in Illustrator, you first need to select an artboard or canvas size.

You can use the four presets or customize all of your settings.

  • Letter: 612 x 792 pt
  • A4:28 x 841.89 pt
  • Print-Large: 19008 x 8640 pt
  • Legal: 612 x 1008 pt
  • Tabloid: 792 x 1224 pt
  • A3:89 x 1190.55 pt
  • B4:5 x 103.81 pt
  • B5:9 x 708.66 pt

In general, you can easily edit any setting by editing the artboard.

Maybe you are not satisfied with your design, or there is too much or too little empty space.

Set the Artboard size using one of our three methods below.

Option 1: File > Document Setup > Edit Artboards

One way to change the size of an artboard is to increase or decrease the width and height of the artboard

This is a quick look at one of the easiest ways to get started.

  1. Open your Illustrator project in Window
  2. Select Document Setup from the tool options bar (or select File > Document Setup from the top menu)
  3. When the popup window appears on the screen, select Edit Artboards. This will activate the handles on your artboard’s edges.
  4. With the Move tool (Shift + M), drag and drop any of the four corners or sides to the desired size. Hold Shift while doing this if you want to constrain the aspect ratio of the artboard.

In short, with this method, you will essentially be following these steps: File > Document Setup > Edit Artboards.

  • Quick Tip: You can also press “Shift + O” to accomplish the same action. This keyboard shortcut can also be used in Canvas to change the Artboard dimensions (width, size, shape) and can save you a lot of time and headache.

Option 2: Window > Artboards > Artboard Options

This is yet another option or method you can easily use to change an Artboard’s size in Adobe Illustrator. It’s quite straightforward (Window > Artboards > Artboard Options).

These are the simplest and easy steps:

  • Simply go to Windows > Artboards, where an Artboard palette window appears. Once it’s appeared, there are two options available to you
  • Double click on the Artboard’s Icon
  • Click on the horizontal lines that can be found on the top right-hand corner of the Artboards panel. Once there, click on the lines, and a drop-down menu will appear. Go to the “Artboard Options” menu, and from there, you can change the Artboard settings, including the Artboard size, to whatever you want.

Option 3: Use the Artboard Tool

This is a manual and simple option to achieve this, you need to:

  • Step # 1: Start with opening up the Illustrator project you want to resize. Once you open up the projects and before you can change the specific Artboard size, you will see the original or existing Artboard on the canvas.
  • Step # 2: On the left side of your new document, there’s a toolbar panel or a tools panel. Select the “Artboard tool,” which bares the symbol “+” at the very top of the page. You could also select this tool using keyboard shortcuts (“Shift + O” for windows and “Command + O” for Mac).
  • Step # 3: A blue bounding box with anchor points will surround the Artboard at this point. You can then simply hover your mouse over any of the points on this blue bounding box and manually drag it to resize the Artboard. You can simply repeat this process until you achieve the desired results.

If you are working on multiple Artboards simultaneously, you may want to select the one you want to resize on your workspace. Simply click and drag it to your workspace.

If that’s your goal, then the above-outlined steps are all you need.


You can use this method to create a new, blank artboard by clicking the Artboard tool and then choosing “Create Blank”.

In order to achieve that, you need to select the tool, then click on Option for Mac and Alt for Windows while dragging the Artboard.

This action creates a duplicate copy of the current selection that will include all the existing design elements.

I’m really worried about messing up my original artwork.

What Is the Maximum Size of an Illustrator Artboard?

The maximum artboard size of an Illustrator Artboard is currently 227 by 227 inches.

If your design is larger than this, you can crop it or scale it down when sending it to print.

In Sketchbook Pro, you can also change the size of multiple artboards simultaneously.

If you hold down the Shift key and select an artboard in your document, then you can change its size by using one of the three methods you learned.

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