How to convert text into a shape in Illustrator

How to convert text into a shape in Illustrator

Need to convert text to an editable shape in Illustrator? 1. If you want to convert your text to an editable shape so you can edit the shape in Illustrator, just follow these steps: 2. Select the text in Photoshop, 3. Convert the text to an editable shape in Adobe Illustrator. Outlining the text can … Read more

How to move An Artboard around in Illustrator

How to move An Artboards around in Illustrator

Want to move your Artboards around in An Illustrator? How to re-arrange artboard locations is often a necessary part of working in Illustrator. But how is it done? Working on larger, more complicated projects might involve creating, resizing, and moving artboards around the canvas. Like many tasks in Illustrator, figuring out how to do them … Read more

How to Change an Artboard’s Size in Illustrator

How to Change Artboard’s Size in Illustrator

Need to change the size of an artboard in Illustrator? Once you learn how to properly resize an artboard, Illustrator will become a much more useful tool in your design workflow. The issue here is that most people make the mistake of approaching Adobe Illustrator from the same directions and assumptions as approaching Adobe Photoshop. … Read more

How to Copy Artboard into New Project of XD

Copy Artboard into New Project of XD Sharing artboards and design assets between multiples of XD projects can be really helpful for us. Suppose that, say you designed the perfect login screen and you want to use that UI layout for any other project… How can you do it? In this mini-tutorial, I will show … Read more

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